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Online Client Review: 

"I started working with Steph this summer 2017, through Torque Barbell's online coaching services. I'm very new to powerlifting training and when signing up, I knew I needed a knowledgeable and supportive coach to progress in the strength game. Steph is an excellent coach and mentor for many reasons. She is so much more than someone who just writes you an effective program. She is passionate about her craft and genuinely cares about your goals, whatever they may be. Communication is key and Steph is someone I can rely on to always answer my questions or to provide me with words of encouragement when I'm feeling down. She regularly checks in to see how I am physically and mentally but is also not afraid to hold me accountable to my training. Under her watchful eye and guidance, I am learning so much about training, how my body reacts to it and the importance of technique (how to utilize my quads properly, staying upright in the squat and how to properly pause on the bench press immediately spring to mind!). Not only am I getting stronger every week (just yesterday I hit a 300lbs deadlift PR), my attitude towards lifting has changed for the better and I am thoroughly enjoying my training. I couldn't be happier with the results I have achieved in such a short space of time and I am proud to call her my coach! I'm excited for what's to come working with her as I set my sights on stepping on the platform for the first time! I'd recommend Steph to anyone looking to invest in themselves, work hard, achieve their goals and improve the quality of their life!”

Nutrition Client Review:

“I’ve been working with Steph coming up to two months now. I came to her with the goal of getting control of my nutrition and eating for performance going into nationals. She has been exactly what I needed, someone to encourage me and steer me in the right direction. She has listened to my goals and is always there to remind me of them when I start to get a little overwhelmed or stressed. Steph has been incredibly supportive and I really feel like she cares a lot about her clients. On top of all that her knowledge and expertise has 100% made a difference in my training and I’m excited to continue working with her as we move forward to more challenging goals.”

Online Client Review:

“Steph has been such a supportive and encouraging coach. Her support through emails or voice recordings have meant a lot.. she’s down to earth and truly cares about your progress. Tells it like it is and listens to her clients which is what I admire and respect. Her emails are always on time and she takes the time to cover every detail for your check ins and progress. You can tell whether she types in emails or hearing her talk, she’s truly passionate about her job and wants the very best for her clients, in all aspects of their lives.”

Online Client Review:

“Steph is so thoughtful and thorough in her approach to my custom program. She is incredibly supportive and knows how hard to push to ensure I’m making progress without putting too much pressure on me. After years of frustration with a lack of progress I finally started working with Steph who brought structure and fun back in to my workouts. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and look forward to each new week!”

Private Session Client Review:

"Steph makes working out tough but enjoyable. I've learned how to lift barbells using proper form and technique which has strengthened my core and helped me get over my fear of squats because of my knee issues. She also brings so much energy into a room, and is your best cheer leader, which is something we all need!"

Online & Nutrition Client:

“I cannot say enough great things about working with Steph - I came to her last summer, after years of sporadically working out, frustrated with my lack of progress and insecure about my lack of knowledge about strength training. Steph has an amazing outlook on life and nutrition. Her positive attitude totally put me at ease while also motivated me to pursue fitness, and stick to it! Fast forward to today, and strength training has become a regular part of my life, for the first time IN my life. Steph is simply fantastic at what she does!”

Group Training Client Review:

“Nobody has been able to teach me about strength, persistence and change like you have! Over the past six months of training I went from never touching a barbell to attempting an Olympic power clean! It takes a trainer with enthusiasm, creativity, mental strength, and a great personality to help clients grow the way you do! I cannot thank you enough!”

Online and Private Training Client Review:

"Steph is a great trainer in person and online, answers all questions honestly and is very passionate about helping you achieve your goals the right way with a great attitude! Highly recommend 👊💪"

Group Client Review:

"The thing that stands out the most about Steph is her bubbly personality. She’s always in a good mood (even if she’s really not). For me personally that is one of the most important things about her coaching ability. The fact that she can put her day aside to make the best possible experience for her clients is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her own personal training overflows into her one on one coaching. She’s knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely cares about her clients. She knows when to push you and when to back off. Her workouts are fun, challenging and difficult at times. Overall I completely trust her and being able to say that about your coach is quite possibly the most important factor in the relationship."

Private Session, Nutrition, & Online Client Review: 

“Steph is helping me transform my body & my life one day at a time! She makes me laugh in the process by having incredible energy & even handles how dramatic I am when I think I can’t do another rep or I just don’t want too... making our sessions the absolute best thing ever. I wish I could have her 5x a week but I have to share and you will see why! I also have pre-existing injuries that so many people don’t know what to do with or they disregard them but Steph embraces it and encourages me to keep up with my physiotherapy as well as keeps it top of mind when she designs my programs and guides me through everything. Her response time is seond to none and I feel so lucky to be able to learn from her. I’ve never been more motivated and hopeful in my life and I know I wouldn’t feel it at this level without finding this woman. Stephanie cares about her clients in a way that you will feel from the start. Thank you for being my biggest supporter!! I can’t wait for all the progress & wins to come”

Online Client Review: 

"I’ve always been dedicated to health and fitness, but Steph has helped me channel my energy toward some concrete performance-based goals. With her, I've developed a passion for powerlifting, and for the past two months she's been coaching me in preparation for my first meet. In large part because Steph has a keen eye for weaknesses and a determination to turn them into strengths, I've improved drastically in every lift. She's an organized coach who tailors each client’s program according to his or her goals, and who always gives timely and detailed feedback. If you're looking for an approachable coach who will help you feel empowered both physically and mentally, I highly recommend working with her."

Private Session Client Review:

"Steph is a motivator, cheerleader and consistent navigator through the process of getting stronger and healthier. Her knowledge of the body and the parts that make us move is immeasurable. She always has a smile on her face and reminds me how important it is to keep our bodies strong as we age. I am now much more enthusiastic about my exercise regime thanks to Steph. Her sense of humour also makes the sessions fly by."

Group Client Review:

"First bootcamp day was great. I really appreciated the easy correction you gave me to address my knee/ankle movement when squatting. Looking forward to the next class!"

Private Session Client Review:

“Love the positivity and energy that Steph brings to every session!”

Online Coaching + Nutrition Client Review:

“I found out about Steph through a mutual friend. I was very overweight and not sure where to start. She has given me tons of support and helped with all things from working out to nutrition. She is the biggest supported of my journey by far and I am excited to continue working with her in the future.’

Online & Nutrition Client Review:

“I first approached Steph for Strength programming after a 6-month hiatus from CrossFit at a time where I had lost all interest in health and fitness. In the 4-months that I’ve been working with Steph, I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my overall strength and physique. Her cues and comments are incredibly helpful in developing good, strong lifts. She keeps me motivated with her bubbly personality! About a month ago, I started a nutrition plan with Steph and already I’m seeing results. I’m looking forward to where this journey will go!”