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We offer custom programming for every level of athlete. Our goal is for you to gain strength, confidence, while increasing performance and learning to move well. We are a community that lifts well, are passionate, driven and educated. 


Custom Online Coaching 

$149.99 + tax ONE MONTH

Join the online community today and learn what it's like to be strong. After initial assessment, programs are sent on a weekly basis that tailors to your fitness levels and ability. In addition to the "Big 3", every program has great individuality tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and includes a variety of dumbbell and kettlebell exercises that are performed in different planes of movement to improve total body awareness and decrease likelihood of injury. Solidify your foundation, build strength, mold your aesthetics, and increase your athletic performance. 


$79.99 + tax ADD-ON for custom online clients


$99.99 + tax ONE MONTH (nutrition ONLY)

Get on a flexible nutrition program that teaches you habits you can carry out for long term success. After initial assessment, custom macronutrient intake and other recommendations (such as but not limited to; walking plans, sleeping schedules, etc) are sent for every day of the week. Recommendations are based on analysis of your general activity level, current body weight, and answers from your in-depth intake questionnaire. Check-ins are on a weekly basis on an assigned check-in day. Adjustments to your program are made weekly, based on your progress towards your goals, and feedback.

Custom Block Program 

$19.99 per week

Obtain a personalized program with all exercises; including prescribed weights or RPE for working sets, and reps for as many weeks as you like (4 week minimum, 6 weeks recommended). Are you a current in-person client looking for structure outside of our sessions to do on your own? This option is for you.

*Does not include weekly check-ins or coaching

More of the hands on type? Check out below! 




Private Coaching Sessions

$89.99 + tax for single session

$414.95 + tax for 5 session pack

$809.99 + tax for 10 session pack *MOST POPULAR*

$1,579.80 + tax for 20 session pack *BEST VALUE*

Get the most out of your program and get hands on, in person private training. Whether you want to fix your bench press with a single session or you're in it for the long haul, we've got you covered.

I'm The Whole Package! 

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