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Discover Your Strongest Self.





Hi, I’m Steph! I am a strength and conditioning coach that helps you get strong through the power of food & a barbell. I have dedicated my life to strength training and I’m here to cut the sh*t and get you to your goals.

I have helped hundreds of people from national level powerlifters all the way to beginners reach their goals, no matter how big or small they are.

If your goal is to step on the platform for the first time and compete, learn more about the power of nutrition and how to eat like an athlete, or take your training to the next level, you’re in the right space.

I am an honest, passionate, hard working coach who is just as dedicated to your goals as you are.

Let’s get you started today.


Work With Me



Have you always wanted to try weight training but don’t know where to start? Are you new to the gym but are ready for something a little more structured? With this monthly subscription service for only $9.99 a month you can be confident in knowing you’re doing it right and get to your goals the fastest way.

You will have access to:

  • Access to the trainer app where you can have everything in one spot (right from your cellphone!)

  • Daily Workouts (4-5x per week) with clickable videos and descriptions

  • Communication with me

  • Access to our Online Community

  • Analysis and Coaching of your lifts in the member’s only Facebook Group

  • … and MORE!



After initial assessment, programs are sent on a weekly checkin basis that tailors to your fitness levels and ability. In addition to the "Big 3", every program is highly individually tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and includes a variety of dumbbell and kettlebell exercises that are performed in different planes of movement to improve total body awareness and decrease likelihood of injury. Solidify your foundation, build strength, mold your aesthetics, and increase your athletic performance.



Get on a flexible nutrition program that teaches you habits you can carry out for long term success. After initial assessment, custom macronutrient intake and other recommendations (such as but not limited to; walking plans, stress management, sleeping habits, etc) are sent for every day of the week. Recommendations are based on analysis of your general activity level, current body weight, and answers from your intake questionnaire. In depth weekly check-ins will keep you accountable and motivated. Adjustments to your program are made weekly, based on your progress towards your goals, and feedback.

Hear what people are saying:

 “Steph has been such a supportive and encouraging coach. Her support through emails or voice recordings have meant a lot.. she’s down to earth and truly cares about your progress. Tells it like it is and listens to her clients which is what I admire and respect. Her emails are always on time and she takes the time to cover every detail for your check ins and progress. You can tell whether she types in emails or hearing her talk, she’s truly passionate about her job and wants the very best for her clients, in all aspects of their lives.”


I cannot say enough great things about working with Steph - I came to her last summer, after years of sporadically working out, frustrated with my lack of progress and insecure about my lack of knowledge about strength training. Steph has an amazing outlook on life and nutrition. Her positive attitude totally put me at ease while also motivated me to pursue fitness, and stick to it! Fast forward to today, and strength training has become a regular part of my life, for the first time IN my life. Steph is simply fantastic at what she does!”

“… She is so much more than someone who just writes you an effective program.”


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