6 Week Program (Beginner Women)

6 Week Program (Beginner Women)


Have you always wanted to try weight training but don’t know where to start? Are you new to the gym but are ready for something a little more structured? Kickstart your journey with this 6 week program geared towards women who are beginners.

You will have access to a downloadable PDF that has:

  • Daily Workouts (4x per week) with clickable videos and descriptions

  • Gain access to our Online Community

  • Analysis and Coaching of your lifts in the member’s only Facebook Group

*Please note that while this program has variations of the squat, bench and deadlift and contains valuable foundational exercises to build strength and athleticism to safely do so - it does not include barbell squats, bench, or deadlift. This program is intended for true beginners whom are looking to prepare to grasp the barbell with good form and confidence.

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